Company Aquarius

Aquarius is a Russian designer, manufacturer and supplier of computer hardware and IT solutions for corporate clients.

The Company was founded in 1989 and today can confidently rely on its own manufacturing facilities meeting the international standards, having the annual output of more than 1 million electronic devices and boasting the follow-up support through the service network in 149 cities of Russia.

The Company uses its Aquarius brand for server and data storage systems, a wide range of client devices (laptops, all-in-one computers, PCs, workstations, thin clients, data terminals), specialized IT solutions in information security and industry-specific IT solutions in healthcare and education.

Aquarius designs and manufactures customized software and hardware packages; it has experience and resources for expeditious implementation of federal-scale IT projects. Within the last years Aquarius has been focusing its efforts on provision of IT services and participation in R&D projects.

The sites for the two Aquarius manufacturing plants are Shuya, Ivanovo region and Tver, Tver region. Shuya’s plant occupies approximately 14 thousand square meters and 600 full-time employees, which goes up to 900 staff during high-demand seasons. In 2022 the Shuya plant doubled its production output compared to 2021 results. We strive to expand our production competencies: the introduction of the printed circuit board assembly equipment (SMT) at the manufacturing plant allows us to create motherboards for almost any type of modern digital devices. In 2022 we fitted fully automated assembly lines (THT) and updated some existing conveyers. In the coming months we plan to expand our technological IT campus to provide a fresh and modern way for our residents to collaborate and create new equipment and software.

In October 2022, after only a few short months of planning and constructing, we opened the manufacturing plant in Tver, Tver region. By the end of the first quarter of 2022 about 10% of the company's total output was produced at this plant. The conveyor lines for tablets, PDAs, laptops, and mini-PCs assembly are tuned to produce up to 300,000 devices per year, under precise care of 250 specialists. The plant’s substantial production capacity growth is planned for subsequent years: our goal is to double the output by the end of 2023. We plan to achieve 1.5 million devices per year by 2025, according to our strategic development program through efficient automation and introduction of fully automated assembly lines.